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A Healthy Appetite For Business Insights

Using POS Tools to Deliver Superior Customer Experiences Case Study Download

“Cash registers offered no control on menu mix, no financial data or business intelligence."

Refering to other systems "There were perpetual fees on features you didn't need."

"Simply put, Halo was the most cost effective solution, with very reasonable monthly feels."

"Enterprise Manager has helped turn sales into business insights."

Chris Fountain - CEO


A Healthy Appetite For Business Insights

Client: The Pita Pit
Locations: 300+

A progressive fast food franchise uses data provided by its POS system to fuel growth & maximize efficiency.
Introduction: The Pita Pit has always been a little ahead of the curve. When the first location opened in the early 90’s, the concept of healthy eating was still years from mainstream popularity. So when the company looked to upgrade its point of sale (POS) system, its progressive leaders looked to Vivonet’s Halo POS system. This case study will look at how the system became an invaluable partner as the chain rebranded and expanded.